Murdered to Death

Written by Peter Gordon / Directed by Marion Rosner

16 – 26 June 2021

Murdered to Death is the first in the Inspector Pratt trilogy of spoofs by
Peter Gordon, of the Agatha Christie genre, with a dash of Clouseau
thrown in for good measure.


It is set in a 1930s English manor house, and introduces the inept
and bungling Inspector Pratt, who battles against the odds and his
own incompetence to solve the murder of the house’s owner. It soon
becomes clear that the murderer isn’t finished yet – will the miscreant be
unmasked before everyone else has met their doom?

"We just had the best evening of entertainment at Murdered to Death. A laugh a second - literally! May need to catch another show next week!"
Angela Davies


Inspector Pratt / Craig Haywood

Mildred Bagshot / L. Renée Beauchamp

Dorothy Foxton / Dom Ware

Bunting / Simon Dotrice

Margaret Craddock / Fiona Popert

Colonel Charles Craddock / Alister Williams

Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington / Elien Lewis

Pierre Marceau / Blair McLean

Joan Maple / Sally Ratchford

Constable Thomkins / Kieran Timm


Director / Marion Rosner

Stage Manager / Natalie Plowman

Wardrobe / Sue Miller, Kythie Morris

Props / Sue Mortimer

Prompt / Sandy Werner

Lighting and sound design / Marion Rosner, Benjamin Forrest

Lighting operation / Benjamin Forrest

Sound operation / Benjamin Forrest

Set design / Sue Mortimer

Set build / Bruce Cannell, Ross Miller

Set paint / Sue Mortimer

Photography / Adam Rosner

Original artwork and Graphic Design / Blair McLean

Publicity / Marion Rosner