The Father is a tragi-comedic award-winning play and Oscar winning film by Florian Zeller (translated
by Christopher Hampton) that will have you both laughing and crying.
Eighty-year-old Andrew was once a tap dancer who now lives with his daughter Anne and her
husband in Wellington. Or, was he an engineer whose daughter Anne lives with her new lover, Peter,
in Auckland? Who are these strange people who appear in HIS apartment? Why on earth does his
furniture keep disappearing? Why does his daughter keep trying to foist a ‘helper’ on him – he
doesn’t need anyone and he’s NOT going to give up his flat – he’ll outlive everyone!
This extraordinary play gives audiences an insight into the mind of someone with dementia and it
does so with humour and sometimes brutal honesty. A must see.

Introducing the cast of THE FATHER and our wonderful poster artwork!
Written by Florian Zeller | Directed by Sue Mortimer.
Bookings for this fantastic drama open soon!

Andrew: Alister Williams
Laura: Sara Schroder
Peter: Peter Moore
Anne: Meredith Dooley
The Man: Clayton Foster
The Woman: Paulette McIndoe 

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Show dates:
22 March at 7:30pm
23 March at 7:30pm
24 March at 7:30pm
25 March at 7:30pm
26 March at 3pm
29 March at 7:30pm
30 March at 7:30pm
31 March at 7:30pm
1 April at 7:30pm
$25 adult
$15 child*
$65 family pass
(two adults and two kids
or 1 adult and three kids)
*primary school age