All The Kings Women

Written by Luigi Jannuzzi / Directed by Ross Miller

All The King’s Women is the life of Elvis as seen through the eyes of women who met him. Eight segments cover the period from his 11th birthday when he got his first guitar until after his death at Gracelands. Along the way he competes for the last of his favourite peanut butter in a Tupelo supermarket at 3am, his first tv appearance, meeting Andy Warhol and President Nixon, buying a pink Cadillac, etc… The women he met: some enthralled, some appalled, all obsessed!


Andy Warhol Assistant, Head of Cadillac Sales / Tracy Bentall

Allie, Mona / Demi Viljoen

Col. Parker’s Secretary, White House Telephonist, Gracelands Tour Guide / Laura Milward-Jones

TV Executive, White House Secretary, Gracelands Security / Sarah Wilson

Tupelo Housewife, Gracelands Retail Staff / Fiona Popert

Tupelo Housewife, Gracelands REtail Staff / Sarah Schroder

Tupelo Saleswoman, Warhol Assistant, Cadillac Saleswomen / Sally Ratchford


Director / Sue Mortimer

Stage Manager / Natalie Plowman & Lauren Ford-Jones

Rigging / Adam Harrison

Prompt / Charmaine Thomson

Lighting Design & Operation / John Mahan

Sound Design & Operation / Sean Murphy

Set Design & Construction / Colin Clemens & Sue Mortimer

Promotional Artwork / Blair McLean

Wardrobe / Kythie Morris