The Miser

Freely adapted by Sean Foley & Phil Porter /

Directed by Nick Edwards

Welcome to austerity…


For the first time in NZ, see Sean Foley and Phil Porter’s Olivier-nominated adaptation of Moliere’s classic comedy.
Harpagon hoards his money from his spendthrift children, while planning to marry them off for the greatest reward. But his children have their own plans, while the servants have plots of their own. Cue duels, swordfights, and secret identities, until things come to a head with the theft of Harpagon’s beloved money.


Bring laughter and colour to your winter evening with this bawdy, fast-paced farce, a critique of austerity as relevant now as the 1600s.

"A thought-provoking and excellent offering from Mana Little Theatre with its latest production, "The Mother"."
Wellington District Theatre Federation
"This was a very dramatic work and the cast need to be applauded for their work. We all left the theatre slightly wrung out as the tension was wound ever more tightly until the final curtain.



The Mother / Jodie Mahan

The Father / Harlan Te Wiata

The Son / Blair McLean

The Girl / Gayle Hammersley

Nurse / Natalie Plowman & Lauren Ford-Jones


Director / Sue Mortimer

Stage Manager / Natalie Plowman & Lauren Ford-Jones

Rigging / Adam Harrison

Prompt / Charmaine Thomson

Lighting Design & Operation / John Mahan

Sound Design & Operation / Sean Murphy

Set Design & Construction / Colin Clemens & Sue Mortimer

Promotional Artwork / Blair McLean

Wardrobe / Kythie Morris