The Mother

Written by Florian Zeller / Directed by Sue Mortimer

13 – 23 March 2024

Anne’s adult children are off living their own lives and her husband is busy with his career. So where does that leave Anne, who has built her identity around creating a family and being a good mother? On the night before her husband is set to leave on a business trip, her son comes home to sleep in his old room. Or does he? It’s impossible to know for certain in this riveting play about a woman whose inner life is constantly shifting.

What is real and what is unreal? What really happened? The Mother is a compelling and moving production that will leave you questioning the very nature of reality.


Warning – this play deals with mental health and talk of suicide.

"A thought-provoking and excellent offering from Mana Little Theatre with its latest production, "The Mother"."
Wellington District Theatre Federation
"This was a very dramatic work and the cast need to be applauded for their work. We all left the theatre slightly wrung out as the tension was wound ever more tightly until the final curtain.



The Mother / Jodie Mahan

The Father / Harlan Te Wiata

The Son / Blair McLean

The Girl / Gayle Hammersley

Nurse / Natalie Plowman & Lauren Ford-Jones


Director / Sue Mortimer

Stage Manager / Natalie Plowman & Lauren Ford-Jones

Rigging / Adam Harrison

Prompt / Charmaine Thomson

Lighting Design & Operation / John Mahan

Sound Design & Operation / Sean Murphy

Set Design & Construction / Colin Clemens & Sue Mortimer

Promotional Artwork / Blair McLean

Wardrobe / Kythie Morris