Written by Neil Simon / Directed by Pat Knight

31 May – 10 June 2023

A dinner party that goes wrong when the guests arrive to discover the host may have shot himself, the wife has is missing and the staff have disappeared.


This romp of a play is set in New York in the 1980’s and includes rumours of affairs, a car accident, necks going out, back spasms and deafness, and the intervention of the police.


Ken Gorman / Peter Moore

Chris Groman / Jodie Mahan

Claire Ganz / Dominique Ware

Lenny Ganz / Graeme Carruthers

Ernie Cusack / Alistair Smith

Cookie Cusack / Renee Beauchamp

Cassie Cooper / Fiona Popert

Ernie Cooper / Bruce Cannell

Officer Welch / Chris Balm

Officer Pudney / Natalie Plowman


Director / Pat Knight