Take a Chance On Me

Dates: 21 November – 1 December 2018

Playwright: Roger Hall

Director: Patricia Knight


“None of them ever thought it would come to this. That they would pay money to go to a dinner, solely for the chance to meet someone. They’ve all brought with them the baggage of failure, pain, hurt, rejection. Tonight – in their eyes – humiliation.”

And that is how the play begins – the waiter addressing the audience directly and introducing the table of six. Three women and three men who are, at that very moment, coming to grips with the realisation that their lives have been reduced to paying to attend singles’ dinners in the hope of meeting someone as desperate as themselves. Each has recently lost their spouse, either to death or to infidelity or simply boredom, and has left them divorced of all self-belief and facing the complexities of a dating game where the rules have completely changed since they were young.


Damian ReidEric
Deanne GrahamLiz
Kieran TimmsTim
Keith BudgeDan
Lucy MooreFleur
Petra DonnisonLorraine
Sally RatchfordEleanor
Paul CrazeBrian