Dates: 3 – 13 April 2019

Playwright: Rex Pickett

Director: Sue Mortimer


“I am not drinking f-ing Merlot!” … and with that one line in the Oscar-winning 2004 movie, the sale of Merlot sank in the USA as swiftly as the sale of Pinot Noir rose. Now the author of the original book has written a hilarious stage version, which aptly lives up to its title (Sideways is slang for soused).

The play distills a trip through the California vineyards with sensitive, wannabe author Miles and his old college mate – wannabe Hollywood actor and serial womaniser, Jack. Miles is determined to show his mate a good time before he gets married but Jack is set on sampling a different fruit before his freedom is curtailed. They fall for Maya and Terra but it isn’t long before infidelity and dishonesty backfire on both men, leaving one with a broken heart and the other with a broken nose.