Bums on Seats

Dates: 15 – 25 November 2017

Paywright: Michael Snelgrove

Director: Paulette McIndoe


Bums On Seats is set in a tatty English provincial theatre. The first half opens with a new play “Fecund.” The second half mirrors the chaos onstage. In the midst of all this, Estelle Nettlebank – a new Marketing Assistant arrives fresh from British Rail. Sit back and enjoy the many disparate characters. No woman is safe with the lecherous author – Roland Luckett. Hugo and Zara are in the midst of their usual marital strife. The Stage Manager is hung-over. There’s a suicidal bunny, an eccentric benefactor, and a party political row going on amongst the audience. Guiding us through the chaos are the Usherettes – all of them “resting” actresses.


Chris BalmHugo Gelt (Actor) / Gerald Bliss-Hart
(Conservative Politician)
Susannah Donovan Wendy (Usherette)
Pat KnightJacintha (Usherette)
Anneke Mace Estelle Nettlebank
Anne McMullin June Heap
Natalie PlowmanPetronella (Ushetette)
Fiona PopertZara (Actress) / Marcia Bliss-Hart
Sally RatchfordMo (Stage Manager) / Tanya
Damian ReidRoland Lockett (Author) / Werner Meister (Retired Teacher/Actor)
Bill Robinson Lionel Heap (Labour Politician)
Harlan Te WiataBenedict Thush (A New Actor)
Mike Tana / Ibrahim Raouf-MortonAaron Zoffany (Eccentric)