Blackadder the Third

Dates: 18 November – 5 December 2020

Playwright: Richard Curtis and Ben Elton

Director: Ross Miller


This is loosely set during the Georgian period, with E Blackadder Esquire the principal butler to the foppish and incompetent prince regent, George Prince of Wales, and Baldrick remaining the same bumbling character full of cunning plans. The four episodes performed were: Ink and Incapability, Nob and Nobility, Amy and Amiability, and Sense and Senility.

Cast, in alphabetical order

Jonty AustinDr Samuel Johnson
Keith BudgeKeanrick
BJ ForrestLord Coleridge
Comte de Frou Frou
Kathy KeaneAmy Hardwood
Sue MortimerMrs Miggins
Mr Hardwood
Thomas McGintyBlackadder
Blair McLeanThe Prince Regent
Natalie PlowmanLord Byron
Bill RobinsonDuke of Cheapside
Neil RuslingBaldrick
Kieran TimmsLord Shelley
Madame Guillotine
Nicola TodRevolutionary
Sally Cheapside


DirectorRoss Miller
Stage ManagerBill Robiinson
LightingCathrine West
SoundJon Hollingsworth
Technical SupportBJ Forrest
WardrobeSue Miller, assisted by Kythie Morris, Gayle Carmichael and Ross Miller
WigsJanet Meyler and Kythie Morris
PropsNatalie Plowman
PromptDebbie Williams
Front of HouseFiona Popert and helpers
BookingsBruce Cannell
SetBill Robinson and Ross Miller, assisted by Sue Mortimer
Poster design, artworkBlair McLean
PublicityPublicity team