Mana Little Theatre
20 – 30 September 2023
Director: Lauren Ford-Jones
Production Manager: Sue Mortimer
The dates
The show runs from Wednesday 20th September to Saturday 30th September
with 9 performances.
Wednesday 20th September 7:30pm
Thursday 21st September 7:30pm
Friday 22nd September 7:30pm
Saturday 23rd September 7:30pm
Sunday 24th September 3pm
Wednesday 27th September 7:30pm
Thursday 28th September 7:30pm
Friday 29th September 7:30pm
Saturday 30th September 7:30pm


Highbury, England. 1815.

Enter Emma Woodhouse: Jane Austen’s most maddening, endearing heroine.

Beautiful, spoiled, vain and irrepressibly witty, Emma attempts to organise the lives of the inhabitants of her sleepy little village and is a bit too accustomed to having her own way, although only her friend Mr Knightley seems to notice.

Pledging never to marry, the mischievous Emma Woodhouse is nevertheless the self-appointed “matchmaker of Highbury.”

This highly theatrical adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s greatest novels captures the most beloved episodes in the novel, and allows the audience to follow along with their favourite characters.


Emma Woodhouse. Loren Whithair
Mr Woodhouse. Alister Williams
Mr Weston. Hayden Rogers
Mrs Ann Weston. Chantal Lesene
Mr Elton Sebastian Smyth
Mr Knightley Peter Moore
Harriet Smith Edie Moore
Robert Martin Kieran Timms
Miss Bates Mel Duncan
Jane Fairfax Hayley Esslemont
Frank Churchill Sean Mackiewiez
Mrs Augusta Elton Erin Fifield
Maid Amy Wood